SaaS Requirement Management and Testing

Cydone is specialized in Hosted Requirement Management with Integrated Testing solutions. Cydone engineering tools assist organizations of all size deliver certification compliant products, design products with less defects and reuse existing project intelligence to shorten product development cycles. Join our growing customer base by using our tools in server mode or pay as you go with our convenient SaaS program.

Integrator combines Requirement Management features with a powerfull Test Automation framework. It gives your team the power to certify a product from a simple SaaS platform.

Integrator is the best platform to deliver and certify complex products when stringent requirements apply.

Our web platform is easy to deploy, secure and simple to use. We let you collect requirements directly from pdf files. Our test framework let's you organize scripts (and e-forms) into efficient test harnesses compatible with Test::More, the widely supported and open-source perl test framework.

  • Do not re-invent the wheel, start with a proven quality process to get to your certification!
  • You will never have to manually update a test report spreadsheet! Testcases and their results are dynamically linked to Requirements for real-time reporting.
  • Use the e-form module to create and fill html forms to gather data from users. When you cannot automate, at least provide a set of guides!
  • Rent it - we have a simple model to let you put Integrator to pace in your environment.


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Integrator is a complete product quality framework. You can certify your own product with Integrator.

Know what you deliver - you can track each product with Integrator and build a lifecycle database that tracks all validated requirements and each test a single unit as ever performed.

Let the computer do the heavy lifting:

  • Automatically manage configuration (load versions, serial numbers, versions of everything included in a test session)
  • Test regression with easy to assemble test suites in fully automated mode (scripts) or by using easy to configure html e-forms
  • Drill-down into any problematic area and gather evidence that something went wrong during a specific testing phase.
  • Augment repeatability with automation
  • Augment visibility and keep everybody on the same page with our tag system
  • Search for specific keywords everywhere in the project (measurements, serial numbers, specification data, test description, etc). Everything is indexed!

Embrace change and complexity

The best time to start testing is now!

  • Adapt your test plan as you go.
  • Dynamically associate test results with corresponding requirements
  • Update subsequent revision of a specification and let Integrator do the work for you. Requirement change has never been that easy!

Customers change their minds. Requirements evolve. Technology evolves. Do you feel that the only constant thing around is... change? How can you survive in such a complex environment? Integrator let’s you embrace change with exceptional flexibility.

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Integrator is a product time saver. It is a collaborative tool used by your team to get everybody on the same page regarding product quality and certification.

Our very flexible SaaS, pay-as-you-go software, let's you know the exact status of every product you ship to the customer.

  • Would you like to save time for project completion AND increase quality levels?
  • Do you have to get your product certified to a new specification?
  • Do you have to prepare a lengthy audit self-declaration document?
  • Do you really know what you delivered to your customer?

Integrator is built to support your team with a no non-sense dashboard that let's you instantly find trouble spots on your product line.


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